- The emergence of a new Nordic food culture

Over the last decade, there has been a resurgence in Nordic food culture not only in our homes, but Nordic cuisine has started to make its mark internationally as well. Consequently it can be said that in the formation of the New Nordic Food programme in 2005, the Nordic governments have succeeded in their aim of raising awareness of Nordic cuisine and putting the region on the gastronomic world map.

The programme expands on the Nordic Kitchen manifesto, which was signed in 2004 by 12 visionary chefs. It promotes our common food culture and builds on the qualities of our region; pure, simple, and safe food, produced to a high ethical standard. The focus areas of the third period are; food in the public sector, Nordic food award, tourism, and branding.

Nordic food in the public sector

In the Nordic countries we serve around 5.5 million meals in the public sector every day. This initiative will develop a Nordic model for meals in the public sector as well as encourage changes in welfare through collaboration and dialogue with relevant partners.

“As Nordic chefs we find that the time has now come for us to create a New Nordic Kitchen, which in virtue of its good taste and special character compares favorable with the standard of the greatest kitchens of the world.“

- The signatories of the new Nordic kitchen manifesto

Embla – Nordic food award

Through the Nordic food award we seek to raise awareness of quality and diversity in Nordic food culture and the people behind it.

Manifesto for the new Nordic Kitchen

The Nordic Kitchen manifesto was drawn up in 2004 and summarised purity, season, ethics, health, sustainability and quality in ten points.

To reflect seasonality in the meals we make.

To express the purity, freshness, simplicity and ethics we wish to associate with our region.

To base our cooking on ingredients and produce whose characteristics are unique to our climates, landscapes, and waters.

To combine the demand for good taste with modern knowledge of health and well-being.

To promote Nordic products and the variety of Nordic producers, and to spread the word about their underlying cultures.

To promote animal welfare and a sound production process in our seas, on our farmland and in the wild.

To develop potentially new applications of traditional Nordic food products.

To combine the best in Nordic cookery and culinary traditions with influences from abroad.

To combine local self-sufficiency with regional sharing of high-quality products.

To join forces with consumer representatives, other cooking craftsmen, agriculture, fishing, food, retail and wholesales industries, researchers, teachers, politicians and authorities on this project for the benefit and advantage of everyone in the Nordic region.

Food as a branding tool

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